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Agriculture Machinery Subsidy Scheme is Known to Few Farmers.

Pilibhit, Bareilly: To encourage mechanization of agriculture, government-sponsored agriculture support schemes, but it seems, schemes has failed to make an impact at the grassroots level in Pilibhit district.

In coordination with the state government a central government scheme launched to facilitate farmers to buy agricultural machinery by offering attractive subsidy has few takers in the district. In the district a mere 1.94% of the total number of farmers registered online to avail the benefits of this scheme. Ironically, the government has neither assigned targets under this scheme for the current financial year nor has it made any allocation of funds even as farm machinery is urgently needed with farmers preparing their fields for paddy cultivation.

Where the majority of medium and small farmers say they are unaware about the scheme and the authorities of agriculture department say as no funds were allocated for the purpose, they could not give publicity to the scheme.

Under this scheme, government has enlisted 20 heads of agricultural machinery which mainly include tractor, harrow, rotavator, seed drill, irrigation pump set, cultivator, laser land leveler, sprinkler set, rain gun, thresher, power weeder, drum seeder and solar pump.

Depending on the type of machinery and its original selling price the amount of subsidy varies from Rs 4,000 to Rs 1.50 lakh.