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Agriculture Machinery News : IICPT'S Developed Mobile Granule Conveyor

In India, Most of the grain mills are using sun/yard drying method for drying of grains. These mills require man power to transport the grains from drying yard to mill house after and before drying. If sudden rain comes it is very difficult and tuff task to collect and transport the grain from yard to storage/mill house.

Drawbacks of the existing systems are higher percentage of wastage/Broken, dusty environment, Spillage, huge construction set up and no mobility. To solve this problem, pneumatic grain pump has been developed at IICPT.

1. Conveys 2.5 tonnes of paddy and 3.8 tonnes of lintels vertically up to 30 feet lift per hour.

2. No significant pressure reduction was observed while conveying the grains horizontally up to 150 feet.

3. The operating cost of the grain pump including labour cost will be the Rs 550/day (8 hrs).

4. Can be used to convey products such as rice, paddy, sago and pulses.

5. The power consumption of the grain pump was 4 kilowatts per hour and one semi-skilled person is required for operating the pump.

6. Mobile and can be used in different locations.