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Solar Energy for Agriculture

Vellore district in Tamil Nadu facing simmering hot weather almost for nine months in a year, so it is eminently suited for harnessing of solar energy for various purposes.

The government is granting almost 80 per cent subsidy to farmers coming forward to install solar pump sets for energising irrigation pump sets.

In Sirukarumbur village K. Kumaravel Pandian who has installed a fixed type solar pump set in his farm land in Kaveripakkam block availing of the subsidy given by the government last year. he is able to harness solar energy throughout the day. He is using it for irrigating his horticultural crops including tomato, brinjal, papaya, drumstick, bitter gourd and chillies.

The farmers are able to achieve a water output of 82,000 litres per day from the deep bore well by using the solar pump sets. Four solar pump sets have been supplied to farmers in Kaveripakkam block alone. The shade net is an innovative method of raising nurseries. She has raised seedlings of brinjal and other vegetables in the shade net.

R. Nanthagopal, Collector of Vellore district said that subsidy totaling Rs. 40.10 lakhs has been given to 15 farmers for installing shade nets on a total area of 15,000 square metres in Vellore district in the last two years. During 2015-16, a target has been set for setting up shade nets on an area of 20,000 square metres. The beneficiaries have been selected and work orders issued.