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Horticulture mission for Pesticide-free vegetables.

For procuring pesticide-free vegetables from 64 poly-house farmers across the district, 'High-Tech Greens' and the state horticulture mission are came together with, a poly-house farmer producers society.

The initiative of this horticulture mission will sell farm-fresh, pesticide-free vegetables through a van at different parts of the city. K Prathapan, director, State Horticulture Mission said "The idea is to provide pesticide-free vegetables at every doorstep in the city in due course of time."

Prathapan told the initiative was part of the safe-to-eat vegetables campaign that the department had been promoting over the last year and that the vegetables were tested for quality and claims made by farmers verified before they came to the market.

The horticulture mission also plans to popularize smart farming which helps farmers plan irrigation and fertigation basedon environmental and soil conditions.

Also he said "The vegetables cultivated here are in huge demand and I feel more farmers should come forward to start polyhouses in the city, The price will be higher because we do not use pesticides. For example, one kilogram bitter gourd would cost Rs 90, spinach Rs 40 and salad cucumber Rs 50. The system will monitor parameters like soil moisture, nutrients, atmospheric temperature, carbon dioxide and humidity using sensors and inform the farmer as to which crop should be planted"