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Hi-Tech Agriculture

Kerala Promotes Hi-Tech Agriculture

With an aim to attain self-reliance in the case of vegetable production, state Government is getting ready to promote hi-tech farming techniques in the southern Indian state of Kerala.

As part of the plan, author ties are mulling a proposal to set up five poly-houses under each Krishibhavan, the state-run agricultural centres, across the state.

Vegetables produced in the poly-houses, the greenhouses which provide climate-controlled inside environ for plants to grow, will be procured collectively and sold through the state government's Horticulture Mission, agriculture department officials said.

Expert training would be provided to the interested persons for the construction and management of these poly-houses, they said.

Besides Krishibhavans, local self-government bodies, co-operative banks and other agencies would be correlated for the mission, they said.

Source : Kerala Government