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Blue green algae – Biofertilizer (A)

Introduction: The global energy crisis and dwindling mineral oil reserves have widened the gap between supply and demand of nitrogenous fertilizers. An introduction of fertilizer responsive high yielding crop varieties has further increased the demand of this important crop nutrient. This has resulted in further burden on small and marginal farmers, especially in developing countries. This has become necessary to look for alternative sources to meet atleast a part of nitrogen requirement of crop production.
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Blue green algae (Part B)

Blue green algae, biofertilizer has been proved to be most efficient source of organic nitrogen in low level Paddy.
N2 from blue green algae
Nitrogen constitutes in general 1-2 per cent of total dry weight of plants and in unfertilized soils this often limits crop production. Use of chemical fertilizers during 1960-1970 was preferred by farmers due to its cheapness and easiness of application.
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Blue green algae (Part C)

Algal Production Technology
The success of any technology usually depends upon its techno-economic feasibility. The algal production technology developed and reported by different Algologists is very simple in operation and easy in adaptability by Indian farmers.
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Blue green algae (Part D)

Algalization and crop yield
The significance of algal biofertilizer lies in the fact that unlike the chemical fertilizers, these are not directly utilized by the crop.
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