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Farm Yard Manure

This is the traditional manure and is mostly readily available to the farmers. Farm yard manure is a decomposed mixture of Cattle dung and urine with straw and litter used as bedding material and residues from the fodder fed to the cattle. The waste material of cattle shed consisting of dung and urine soaked in the refuse of the shade is collected daily and placed in trenches about 6-7 m long, 1.5-2 m broad and 1 m deep. Each trench is filled upto a height of about 0.5 m above the ground level. The top of the heap is to be made dome shaped and plastered over with cow dung earth slurry. It becomes ready to apply after 3-4 months. It is possible to prepare by this process 7-8.5 cu.m of manure. (5-6 tonnes or 10-12 cart loads) per year per head of cattle. Well rotten farm yard manure contains 0.4 to 1.5 per cent N, 0.3-0.9 % P2O5 and 0.3-1.9% K2O. Animal and cow dung from biogas are also used in similar manner.

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