Increasing demand of world cotton

The International Cotton Advisory Committee reported that increasing world demand for cotton and the depletion of world stocks to five year lows would drive prices to a season average of 58 US cents a pound for the 2000/01 crop.

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Low fibre production output for '99-00

The production figures for the current year for fibre crops like jute, mesta, and cotton shows downward trends. The final production figures projected for the current year in the case of other commercial crops although not uniformly good, shows a general upward trend, except in the case of cotton.

he production levels for jute and mesta are expected to go up by 0.88m bales (of 180 kg each) over last year. The estimated production figures now stand for this commodity at 10.57m bales as opposed to last year’s 9.69-m bales. Estimates for cotton produce, though, do not match last year’s levels which stood at 12.18 m bales (of 170 kgs each) as opposed to projections of 11.99 m bales for `99-00, as reported by Delhi market sources.

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