Paddy Market Updates

Paddy : High Paddy Production in Punjab

According to the Punjab Agricultural University, 13.79 m tonnes of paddy production has done in state which is 1.84 m tonnes more as compared to Kharif 2014 (11.95 m tonnes).

Due to increase in the area under high yielding short duration varieties coupled with favourable environmental conditions, paddy production has increased. Also slight area under non-Basmati varieties increased.

The focus is on short duration and height was increased to save water and reduce the quantity of straw being burnt. Total area under non-Basmati rice has increased by about one lakh ha due to shift from Basmati area.

There has been replacement of low yielding varieties (HKRs) with high yielding improved non-Basmati varieties primarily PR 121, PR122 and PR 124 released by PAU from 2013 to 2015.

Among the newly released varieties, PR 121 is the most popular variety among the farmers of the Punjab state. It occupied 17% area in 2015 against 9% in 2014.

Two new early maturing high yielding varieties PR 125 and PR 126 have been tested at farmers’ fields during Kharif 2015. These varieties yield on an average 30.0 quintals of paddy per acre.