Beware of cheese

India needs to be watchful against the possibility of any contaminated cheese from New Zealand finding its way into the domestic market, according to CITA.

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Tariff Rate Quotas on skimmed milk

It is reported that the Department of Revenue has launched the tariff rate quotas (TRQ) in customs matters.

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Import duty on milk product

Indian dairy sector contributes the large share in agricultural gross domestic products.

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Milk production trends

In India live stock accounts for 26% of the agricultural GDP. This sector provides milk, eggs, meat, wool, hides and skin, dung, bones, hooves and draught power.

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Demand for 35% import duty on milk products

Stung by large scale milk imports, the dairy industry has asked the government to impose an import duty of 35 per cent to protect the domestic industry.

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Setting milk production to triple

India’s dairy sector is poised to triple production in the next 10 years, taking advantages of the expanding potential for export to Europe and the West, .

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Production trends in Milk

The production trend for milk, the basic raw material of the world’s dairy industry is perhaps unique amongst agricultural commodities it changes little (by 1or 2 perent) from year to year.

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Need for quality in milk production

India have attained the first rank in milk production in the world.The first five countries in the world producing maximum milk are India ,USA,Russia, Germany and France.

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Market  Update
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