A dual type pearl millet variety -JBV 2

Pearl Millet is one of the predominated rainy season crop.In the prevailing areas dual type varieties are the first choice.Nutritionally superior among super cereals, pearl millet serves the need of grain and fodder for growing population.

Govt. of India during 1999 has been released a dual purpose, an open-pollinated pearl millet variety viz. JBV 2, for the general cultivation in northern region.It is an early, dual purpose alternative to recommended later- maturing open pollinated variety like WCC 75.


  • The JBV 2 is thick-stemmed, having many leaves, and has long cylindrical panicles.
  • It matures in 75-80 days.
  • Plant height is 180-240 cm and tillers are 2-4 in numbers and stem is pigmented at the base. Seed yield in national coordinated trial is 1.8-2.0 tonnes/ha.
  • It has given 21% more yield (mean of 3 years) than early ICRP 8203 variety in zone A of the country and 3.0 tonnes/ha in station trials (mean of 3 years data).
  • It has shown less than 3% D M incidence in the All India Co-ordinated Testing Programme
  • Its grains contain 12.1% protein, 5.9% fat and are average in roti making quality (3.3)
  • . Fodder yield is 6.0-8.0 tonnes/ha in station trials.