Coconut hybrid: VHC 3

Coconut Research Station (TNAU), Veppankulam has developed VHC 3, a TXD hybrid. The new hybrid evolved by involving well adopted East Coast Tall as female parent and Malaysian Orange Dwarff as male parent.

Important features of VHC 3

  • The hybrid VHC 3 is well responsive to higher dose of fertilizers especially nitrogen and potash.
  • The recommended fertilizer schedule is 1.0:0.25:2.0 kg NPK/palm/year (2.2kg Urea; 1.5kg super phosphate; 3.3kg potash).
  • This hybrid will be yielding more under better management condition.
  • VHC 3 recorded the mean nut yield of 156-nuts/ palm with an increased nut yield of 10% over the hybrid VHC2.
  • Higher nut weight (908 g/nut), kernel weight (297g/nut), copra out turn weight (162 g/nut) and high oil content are the special features of VHC3.
  • The nuts are medium size, bigger than VHC2.