Bio Jersy: Boosting yield in cow's milk

The desi cow started yielding more milk within twelve hours of administering the herbal capsule orally. It was recorded an increase of four litres per day from the two milch cows after giving the feed additive to them. "Bio Jersy" is an herbal product developed by Dr. C.K.Rajkumar, an innovator and entrepreneur known for his herbal and eco-friendly products. His new biotech firm has launched this product recently after extensive field testing in farmer's holdings in different parts of Tamil Nadu. It was seen that the most revealing aspect of field trials is that the vitamin A content of the milk collected from cows fed with 'Bio Jersy' is more than doubled. The new herbal feed-additive, developed by a Chennai-based bio-technologist and entrepreneur, not only boosts the milk yield in cows, but also enhances the quality of milk. The fat content and SNF (solids not fat) content have also increased. The high quality milk would assure a premium price for the milk producers. The animals fed with this feed-additive "Bio Jersy" are healthy with glossy skin and their immunity to diseases has also improved. These animals have no stress due to vaccination, and their estrous cycle seem to be regularized. Crossbred animals using the exotic blood such as Jersey and Holstein-Frisisan have shown remarkable results with this eco-friendly herbal product.