First hybrid Basmati rice in the world

The Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI) has claimed to have developed the first hybrid Basmati (aromatic) rice in the world. The varietal identification proposal for the release of this hybrid, known as RH-10, is being submitted for identification at the All-India Coordinated Rice Project meeting later this month. The institute had developed high-yielding varieties of cereals, pulses, brassicas, vegetables, flowers and fruits which have been released for cultivation. HD 2733 wheat variety was for timely sown conditions of North Eastern Plains zone. This variety is resistant to brown and yellow rusts with yield potential of 55 quintals a hectare. Another wheat variety (HW 2044-Kurinji) was released for Southern Hills zone for restricted irrigation and medium to high fertility conditions. In rice, PNR 519 an early maturing, high yielding with superior grain quality variety has been released for coastal saline and irrigated areas. The variety is suited for rainfed upland situation. Pusa 44 rice variety possessing long slender grains released for the States of Karnataka and Kerala, yields 60-70 quintal a hectare and was suitable for mechanical harvest.