Sagarkripa, is 15.5m in length and 4.6m in width like any other medium class-fishing vessel. But the depth is 2.3m, which is about 20% higher; and the draft 1.5m which is 15% higher, compared to existing medium class fishing vessels. Sagarkripa is equipped with 30m3 of fish hold volume in two compartments and insulated with 150mm insulation against the standard of 50mm. The fish holds were divided into small bays with removable wooden partitions to facilitate graded storage of fish and finished with FRP to meet international hygienic standards insisted by foreign buyers of Indian seafood.

The sleeping accommodation is compact, but comfortable to support six adults at a time, which is sufficient, as eight crew will man this vessel. The vessel also features a small kitchen and a toilet as standard, which are considered luxuries on existing vessels of similar size. An uncluttered spacious fishing deck aft with side gallows are provided unlike central gallows in similar size vessels, which facilitates working on the fishing deck even during the trawling operation.

The fishing deck is 12% more compared to conventional designs and sheated with FRP to ensure high standards of hygiene and durability. The winch is large and split type usually seem on large trawlers only, and each drum can support 1200ml of 12mm. Wire rope against the prevalent small winches of similar size vessels capable of accommodating a maximum of about 800m. of 10/mm wire rope only on each drum.

Drum capacity is a crucial factor limiting the depth of operation of the vessel, with the featured arrangement, Sagarkripa can conveniently trawl in 200m of water depth. Split winch with the special trawl boom design can support large trawl rope angles for bigger nets. Sagarkripa is to be propelled with an engine of only 125hp against the standard of about 170hp or higher for similar vessels. This vessel will cruise at a speed of about 8.7-9.0 knots. With these powering features. Sagarkripa is expected to save not less than 16000 liters for HSD per annum.

The arrangement of skipper controls in wheelhouse and the layout of engine room are ergonomically organized for easy operation and convenient maintenance of the vessels. Sagarkripa was made of shipbuilding standard steel adopting classification standards of fabrication. Surface protection adopted for the vessel is the same as that for modern day large ships and will save on the maintenance. With all these features this vessel can be completed for less than Rupees Twenty Five Lakhs within months.