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A poultry farming has emerged as one of the important Agro Industry from backyard farming for the past 3 to 4 decades. Poultry is originally from India and its domestication goes back to the dawn of civilization, even though Europe and America rules the roost with highly developed exotic breeds today. The Late Padmashree Dr.B.V.Rao-father of Modern Poultry Industry in India, started Venkateshwara Hatcheries (VH) in 1971 as the sole franchisee in India for Babcock poultry farm Inc.USA. With the object to build in Indian poultry Industry as one driven by technology and innovation, and transform it into an effective tool for uplifting. Rural economy and achieve self-reliance for India in poultry production. The group’s success in building up a strong and viable production base, including pure-line research and breeding, production of world class vaccines and medicines, highly sophisticated equipment of hatchery and farm operations, poultry and egg processing, specific pathogen free egg production, a nation-wide network disease surveillance and diagnostic service has helped establish an unique institute for training and entrepreneurial development in poultry. All these made international standard quality products and services available to Indian poultry farmers virtually at their doorsteps and enable the industry to achieve consistently high rates of growth.

Most of the breeds reared at industrial scales in India are imported from these countries, having the tremendous genetic improvement in their breeds. The poultry meet has become the most preferred on account of its good quality fat and lean white meat and it is no secret that some of our vegetarians chicken out. With the advancement of nutritional science, it is now possible to design the nutrition profile of an egg and meat through nutritional change with the feed input.


Poultry industry can provide job and economic potential to rural population and women in particular. Drought ridden places like Namakkal and Bellary in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have shown how poultry can provide livelihood opportunities and economic betterment of lives. As bulk of Indian rural population do not possess land, the animal husbandry practices like poultry comes in handy boosting rural incomes, thereby reducing poverty. It is also well known that poultry is an excellent converter of wasteful nutrients from oil extracted cake like groundnut cake, rice gram and soybean meal into a better quality nutrition through meat and egg. A poultry is also culturally well accepted among Indians.

The VH Group is committed to bring about positive improvements in Poultry Industry, so that in the new millennium, the farmer is enable to look into the future with confidence.

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