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Biofertilizer or Nitrogen fertilizer by Biomax

Biomix is a strong root stimulator for plants that have already rooted and also stimulates Root Development / growth in young plant. It increases the resistance against disease. Biomix is therefore an ideal substance for plants and cuttings that are potted as well as for unhealthy and badly developed plants after a state of shock. Biomix is of completely organic origin and suitable for growing in potting soil and good for small plants. Biomix can be used in agriculture for various applications.

  1. vital components of organic amendments and composts

  2. legume inoculants for biological nitrogen fixation

  3. a means of suppressing insects and plant diseases

  4. improve crop quality and yields


Restores soil microflora

Increases seed germination.

Promotes deeper rooting system.

Decomposes organic waste.

Solubilizes and removes phosphate residues from soil.

Enhances nutrient cycling

Source: Biomax