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Seed quality

Concept of seed quality:

It is the degree of excellence in regard to the characteristics refer to above that determines the seed quality. If the seed lots posses high genetic purity and high germination percentage and a minimum of inert, weed and other crop seeds and are free from diseases., it is said to have high quality .Generally the standards fixed for certified seeds are considered quality standards. It implies that a if a seed lot meets the certification standard, it is good quality seed and if does not meet the certification standards, it is obviously of a lower seed quality.

Seed quality characteristics:

Improved variety: The variety must be truly superior than existing ones. It must be the latest and the best variety suited to the area in regard to production potential and other desirable characteristics.

Genetic purity: genetic purity of seeds refers to the trueness to type. The genetic purity has direct effect on ultimate yields

Physical purity: Physical purity of a seed lot refers to the physical composition of seed lots.. Pure seed considered together with seed germination determine the planting value of the seed.

Seed germination and vigour: Seed germination refers to the ability of a seed when planted under normal sowing conditions to give to a normal seedling. The seed vigour refers to the sum total of all the attributes that give effective plant stand in the field.

. Both of these have profound effect upon the ultimate yields and also determines the planting value of the seed.

Planting value: Planting value is the real worth of a seed lot for raising the crop.

Pure seed % Germination %

Pure live seed = -------------- X ------------------- X 100

Seed health: The health of seeds refers to the presence or absence of disease organisms/ insect pests on seeds. The quality of the seed lot very much depends on its health.

Seed moisture: The seed moisture is the most critical factor in the maintenance of seed germination and viability during storage. The seed must be dried to safe moisture content.

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