Storage and Marketing

Purpose of seed storage: is to maintain the seed in good physical and physiological condition from the time there are harvested until the time they are planted.

Stages of seed storage:

  • Storage on plants: (Physiological maturity until harvest)
  • Harvest, until processed and stored in a warehouse
  • In storage (warehouses)
  • In transit (rail wagons, trucks, cars, railway sheds, etc.)
  • In retail stores
  • On the user’s farm

The seed quality, that is germination and vigour can be considerably affected at any stage unless sound principles involved in seed storage are practiced and the seeds properly handled.

Marketing: Seed marketing is the one of the most vital components of seed technology. On it depends the size and scope of the seed industry. Broadly, it includes such activities as production, processing, storage, quality control and marketing of seeds.

In narrow sense, seed marketing refers to the actual acquisition and selling of packed seeds, intermediate storage, delivery and sales promotional activities.

Seed marketing comprises the following

  • Demand forecast (assessment of effective demand)

The underlined principle is that the seed supply keeps space with seed demand in terms of quantity quality, price, place and time.

  • Marketing structure

It refers to the establishment of effective channel for seed distribution. The types of seed distribution system in India are farmer to farmer distribution distribution by co-operatives distribution by departments of agriculture

  • Arrangements for storage of seeds

In a sound seed marketing system it is desirable to establish seed marketing regional in the end-use areas and to arrange food godown

  • Sales promotional activities

A sound effective sales program must be based on the judicious use of three basic tools, i.e., advertising, publicity and public relations.

  • Post sales service

More emphasis must be placed on education of farmers, technical help

  • Economics of seed production and seed prices

Seed production cost must be kept as low as possible. Seed producer should be allowed sufficient margin, so that they are encouraged to produce good quality seed.