Finolex Plastro Plasson
Plot No.399, Urse, Tal. Maval, Dist. Pune - 410506, India. 
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FINOLEX PLASTRO PLASSON LIMITED was established in July 1992 by Finolex Group and Plastro Gvat & Plasson Ltd. The Finolex Group comprises many well known Companies like Finolex Cables Ltd. (Industrial  and Domestic Cables), Finolex Industries Ltd (PVC Resin and PVC Pipes and Fittings), Finolex Machines Ltd; (Extrusion Machinery), Lucent Technologies Finolex Ltd. (Optic Fibre Cables) and Finolex Energy Corporation Ltd (Power Generation). The Group turnover is around US$350,000,000. Finolex products and services have established themselves and have been serving the Indian and Overseas markets for over three decades. Finolex Plastro Plasson, has been set up to serve the Indian farmer and corporate farming sector. Its turnover is US$3,000,000.

Finolex Plastro Plasson Ltd has a modern factory at Urse near Pune in the Western State of Maharashtra, about 130 kms from Mumbai.

Finolex Plastro Plasson, has installed the latest imported plant and machinery to manufacture sophisticated Micro Irrigation Systems, Irrigation Laterals from 7mm to 32mm, pipe fittings, accessories and range of irrigation components. The equipment includes Nokiya Extruder and Demag/Arburg moulding machines.

The sophisticated manufacturing factory is backed by a fully equipped Quality Control Laboratory. The Laboratory is well equipped to carry out all the tests on raw material and finished products as required by Indian and International Quality Standards. Finolex Plastro Plasson has already received certification from the Bureau of Indian Standards for products manufactured by them in India and is also in the process of certification under ISO 9002.

Today, Finolex Plastro Plasson is one of the leading companies in India in the field of Micro Irrigation and Water Management Systems and has technical agreements with leading world manufactures of Irrigation Systems, Irrigation and Industrial Filters,Control Products, etc. Finolex Plastro Plasson offers a wide range of products suitable for different sectors of agricultural activity such as Orchards, Nurseries, Row Crops and Greenhouses. Finolex Plastro Plasson has established a reputation for high level service from site selection to product marketing.


Finolex Plastro Plasson has Survey, Planning and Design facilities. Planning and Design of Irrigation Systems is handled by qualified and experienced engineers. They are assisted in their work by state of the art computer software and other design facilities.

Finolex Plastro Plasson also has an Industrial Products Division, which is engaged in the marketing of world class products for water management. These products find application in various industrial sectors.


Any Irrigation System is inefficient without a proper fertigation arrangement. Finolex    Plastro Plasson's range of products includes a variety of fertigation systems ranging from simple, easy to handle filtration tanks to sophisticated, automatic fertilizer pumps.


As agriculture develops, there is need for installing automatic controllers. Finolex   Plastro Plasson offers world class irrigation controllers which integrate various elements of the Irrigation Systems to optimise use of inputs, and ensure maximum yields and outputs.


Finolex Plastro Plasson is equipped with world class machinery to manufacture polyethylene pressure pipes. Finolex Plastro Plasson also manufactures a wide range of pipe connectors and fittings required for any Irrigation System.


Finolex Plastro Plasson manufactures and offers a range of Drippers, Mini Sprinklers, Micro Jets, Misters and Foggers. The range of products can cover almost every topographic and agroclimatic condition in open fields, Greenhouses and farm for commercial production of agricultural produce.


Finolex Plastro Plasson believes that good products are only as good as the service. Finolex Plastro Plasson has therefore set up a comprehensive after sales service facility.Finolex Plastro Plasson can take up installation, commissioning and after sales activity for all its products and systems. Finolex Plastro Plasson also offers and arranges field training for various customers and their staff.

Finolex Plastro Plasson's agricultural extension includes experts specialised in different fields of agriculture.

Finolex Plastro Plasson has helped to enhance Micro Irrigation Systems application in India with its strong team of qualified and trained engineers and established dealer network. It has become a trusted name in Indian Agriculture. With the manufacture of specially designed emitters Finolex Plastro Plasson has opened new avenues and pioneered the application of Micro Irrigation in Tea Estates, Greenhouse Projects, Cotton Fields, Fruit Orchards and other applications.

Finolex Plastro Plasson has successfully supplied Amiad Filtration Systems, Bermad and Raphael Valves, etc. to leading companies like TISCO, Toyota, Kirloskar, Tetrapak India, Henkel Chemicals and many others.


Finolex Plastro Plasson is committed to provide the best Irrigation equipment, technical know-how and services for thousands of installations in India and is now at the threshold of extending its services to customers overseas. Modern production facilities, ISO level quality standards, constant R & D and application engineering has enabled Finolex Plastro Plasson to be a force to reckon with. Finolex Plastro Plasson Ltd is the name to be trusted for quality and reliability.


Finolex Plastro Plasson has built up a qualified team of agronomists, agricultural engineers,systems designers, who can undertake any project starting from site survey through systems design, to installation/ and commissioning. Finolex Plastro Plasson has a panel of consultants and advisors who specialise in various subjects critical to successful agriculture and horticulture. Finolex Plastro Plasson can also arrange to depute advisors, consultants, engineers and operators to help successfully manage turnkey agricultural projects. Finolex Plastro Plasson can also help in the specification, selection and procurement of project plant and equipment, besides helping in the procurement from Indian and worldwide sources.

Finolex Plastro Plasson has executed the single largest micro-irrgation project in India. A fully computerised Irrigation Systems has been installed successfully on 550 acres for cotton at Punjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth, Akola, within a record period of 45 days.