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Agriculture Apps : ConserWater- Artificially Intelligent (AI) Application

Do you know what percentage of fresh water in India is used for farming? Over 2/3. What about in the United States? Just 1/3. This is primarily because modern irrigation technology is unaffordable to the typical Indian farmer.

To bridge the gap between modern technology and the farmer, Mr. Aadith Moorthy have invented a new patent pending Artificially Intelligent (AI) application, ConserWater.

ConserWater application enables every farmer to get accurate predictions of exactly how much water he needs to give his crops on any given day at any location in India. ConserWater App can increase the water efficiency of any farm up to 30%.

ConserWater App will be released as a free smartphone application, dedicated to the farmers of India, to alleviate their myriad hardships. Mr.Moorthy have calculated that the total economic impact from widespread use of ConserWater app is at least a 10% increase in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) (₹8 lakh crores).

ConserWater App is currently supported in three languages, English, Hindi and Tamil. Moorthy hope to have all the official languages of India in the near future. The application itself is available at this link for your viewing:

Using this ConserWater App even poor farmers who can't afford other expensive technology can benefit.