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Digital Agri Marketing: Agriculture Market of Jharkhand Now Goes Digital.

The trade of agricultural produce in Jharkhand went digital after Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced a digital trading platform 'National Agriculture Market' for farmers of eight states including Jharkhand. Now farmers can enlist their produce to attract wholesale buyers and increase their income with this national platform.

The digital platform is aimed at transforming the life and income of farmers, said Ajit Kumar, director marketing, Jharkhand state agriculture marketing board, Ranchi.

Modi inaugurated the national agriculture market (e-platform) at a function in Madhya Pradesh's Mhow, B R Ambedkar's birthplace on 14th April to which Krishi Bazaar Samiti, Pandra (Ranchi) was also connected.

Kumar said, "In April the production of 'mahua' and 'tamarind' are abound in the state." Two crops 'mahua' and 'tamarind' from Jharkhand have been listed in the e-mandi among 25 crops including wheat, maize, pulses, oilseeds, potatoes, onions and spices from eight states.

Radha Kant Tiwari, vice chairman of Krishi Bazaar Samiti, Pandra said "Now farm produce will have a huge network of buyers and farmers will sell to the highest bidder and benefit more." The farmers connected to the wholesale marketing exercise will benefit from it.

In the absence of the e-mandi, farmers had no option but to sell their produce to middlemen and traders who suppressed prices of commodity through a consensus among traders.