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Nitrogen or Nitrogenous Fertilizer range by Yara

Yara manufactures 5 types of nitrogen fertilizer for improving soil fertility and boasting plant growth.

1) YaraBela

Nitrogen fertilizers comprise cost-effective sources of nitrogen and calcium to fuel growth and productivity. Most commonly packaged as bulk products, YaraBela fertilizers are widely used as dry applications on large-scale field crops.

It is formulated with calcium – as calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN) – YaraBela fertilizers also boost crop quality. This includes improved tuber quality in potatoes and better storability in high-quality brassica crops.

2) YaraLiva:

These fertilizers are a comprehensive range of calcium nitrates that help ensure high-value, highly marketable produce. Quite simply, they are a range of high-quality fertilizers that optimize cash-crop performance and produce food that satisfies even the most demanding growers and consumers.

They provide fast-acting nitrate-N, alongside strength-building calcium and boron. In combination, these nutrients fuel prolonged growth. At the same time, plants and trees treated with YaraLiva-branded fertilizers are naturally healthier and less sensitive to stress during growth. Then, critically, in the build-up to harvest, YaraLiva fertilizers improve the size, strength and appearance of the fruit, tuber, leaf or lettuce.

3) YaraMila:

This complex fertilizer is a comprehensive range of the most essential plant nutrients – a combination of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) designed to maximize crop yield and quality.

Formulated to meet precise crop requirements, these NPKs are some of the most highly efficient sources of N, P and K available. Each YaraMila particle contains precisely tailored amounts of NPK. So, when accurately applied to a crop, YaraMila fertilizers ensure the accurate, complete addition of these major nutrients.

4) YaraVera:

nitrogen fertilizers are cost-effective, highly concentrated and highly efficient sources of urea.

With a nitrogen concentration of 46 percent, YaraVera fertilizers ensure strong, sustained growth over a prolonged period through efficient nutrient release.

They can be applied to the soil as solid granules, in solution or to certain crops as a foliar spray. When properly applied, YaraVera fertilizers support optimum-efficiency plant growth leading to some of the highest yields possible.

5) YaraVita:

YaraVita fertilizer is a complete line of nutrient products that ensure crops obtain everything they need and that growers gain more from optimally performing crops.

Each YaraVita formulation delivers a specific nutrient or nutrient mix exactly when and where the crop needs it, boosting crop performance. This includes accurately applied and essential doses of micronutrients either as straight products or combi-mixtures. In addition, the YaraVita range includes formulations that back up supplies of major or secondary nutrients during periods when these are unavailable from other sources.

Source: Yara Fertilizers