Market Update (Vegetable)

Minimum support price for Toria

The Centre has set the minimum support price (MSP) of Toria and rapeseed/mustard of fair average quality (FAQ) for 2001-02 crop to be marketed in 2002-03 at Rs. 1,265 per quintal. This marks an increase of Rs.100 per quintal Over the price fixed last year. The National Agricultural Cooperatives Marketing Federation (MARKFED) will provide price support for toria to farmers as per the agreed terms and conditions.

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One lakh tonnes of onion to be exported

The Government has given the green signal for the release of one lakh metric tonnes of onion for export during 2002-03 effective from April 12, out of the quota of seven lakh tonnes. The quantities to be exported through various Central and State canalising agencies have also been spelt out in the order issued by the Government. While other nodal agencies in different States have been given lower target, the National Agriculture Cooperative Marketing Federation of India and the Maharashtra State Agricultural Marketing Board have been authorised to canalise the export of 35,000 tonnes each.

Government allows 2mt onion for export up to June

The government approved the release of two lakh metric tonnes of onion for export up to June ’02. The decision was taken on the basis of recommendations made by the inter-ministerial review committee.

Export demand lifts chilli prices in AP

Prices of chillies at the Guntur market in Andhra Pradesh, the largest chillies market in Asia, have improved in the last one week or so.

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Release of 1 lakh tonnes of onion for export

The Commerce and Industry Ministry of Centre has decided to release, one lakh tonnes of onion for export during August, September and October.

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Changing market trends of vegetables

The data from Mumbai and New Delhi market reported that the principal wholesale markets, including the retail outlets in the country were closed on account of crimes being perpetrated on Amarnath pilgrims.

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India’s processed tomato exports

Recently India has started the export of processed tomato. India’s exports mainly consists of tomato ketchup/sauce, paste/chutney.

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Onion exports

Further onion exports of 50,000 tonnes of all varieties of onion in April to May, is allowed by the Ministry of Central Govt. as reported by news agency.

The export would be made by NAFED, state agricultural marketing federations of Maharashtra, Karnataka and other relevant states. The CCP reviewed the availability and price situation of essential commodity and expressed satisfaction that the stock of these commodity was adequate and the price situation was stable.

Excess potato production in Bengal

West Bengal this year is facing a glut in potato production as 65 lakh tonnes of potato produced during the '99-00 crop season (October-March).

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Potato Seed Sale

The market trends of potato seeds in Hassan District of K’taka observed that the K’taka Rajya Raitha Sangha (KRRS) has urged the authorities to fix the price of seed potato under the Essential Commodities Act.

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Seed potato price

The potato seeds were sold in Hassan APMC yard, K'taka at Rs.700 to Rs. 750 a bag. The traders were quoting high transportation cost for procuring these seeds from Delhi and Ludhiana. The traders put the transport cost from Delhi and Ludhiana at Rs. 30,000 and Rs.33,000 respectively. In addition to this, after calculating all the additional cost, including labour, stitching and bags, the cost was Rs. 55,525.

Onion export

Govt. would allow immediate onion exports in the wake of a glut in the market. The farmers were facing immense hardships as the onion was selling cheaply in the market.

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Vegetables Export

For increasing exporter processed vegetables and some value added products. A number of large national and multinational companies have now entered into processed food industries with a thrust on exports.

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Marketing of Vegetables

Vegetables are an item of daily consumption, they are essential in human diet but they are very perishable in nature. Therefore, the cultivation of vegetables is generally concentrated around towns and cities, so that they can be harvested and transported to the market immediately and in fresh form. With the increase in transport and communication facilities, vegetable cultivation has spread in interior areas where irrigation facilities are available. This is because growing vegetable crops is more profitable than any other seasonal crop particularly the foodgrain crop. The spread of vegetable cultivation in rural areas has created new problems, particularly of transport, handling, packing and storage. There is also some regional specialisation in growing some vegetables. They are grown in one area but marketed in other areas for creating wider market and also to fulfill the demand of some people, who have liking for them. This also involves long distance transport. For this purpose good roads in the interior villages is necessary. Fortunately there are good state and national highways, but there are no good roads in the interior. So also in the marketing of vegetables, producer cannot go to wholesale market or long distant market and he has to depend on some intermediaries to sell his vegetables. Therefore, in the marketing of vegetables costs are involved for grading, packing, transport, loading/unloading, fees, etc. In addition, the interiaries also take some margins for them. These costs and margins determine the final price to be paid by the consumer. After deducting market costs and margins from the final price paid by the consumer, farmer gets his net price, which is referred to "Farmer’s share in consumer’s price". This determines efficiency of marketing.

Price spread and producer’s shares in consumer prices of some vegetables based on field surveys is given in table 1.


Table 1
Producer's share in some vegetables.



Producer's share(5)

  Tomato (Rajasthan)  


Producer - commission agent -retailer - consumer



Producer - commission agent - masakhore - retailer


  Cauliflower (Rajasthan)  


Producer - commission agent - retailer - consumer



Producer - commission agent - Masakhore - retailer - consumer


  Cabbage (Rajasthan)  


Producer - commission agent - retailer - consumer



Producer - commission agent - Masakhore - retailer - consumer


  Vegetables (U.P)  


Producer - consumer

89 to 96


Producer - retailer - consumer

69 to 84


Producer - wholesaler cum - commission agent - retailer - consumer

63 to 73

  Vegetables (Gujarat)  


Producer - wholesale - cum- commission agent - retailer - consumer

51 to 55

  Tomato (Andhra Pradesh)  


Producer - commission agent - secondary wholesaler - retailer - consumer



Producer - commission agent - primary wholesaler - retailer - consumer


Change in price trend of Vegetables

In local market, the onion prices decreased by rs.11 per quintal. Current price ranges between Rs.50 – Rs.250/-.

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